Have you ever had a gnawing idea in the back of your head begging you to do something creative, but have pushed it aside for one reason or another?

Some creative endeavor that’s been whispering to you for years, but you keep denying it?

Too many of us do this and take our creations with us to the grave.

We come up with every conceivable rationalization on why we can’t start our passion project. That’s right. Passion Project.

If this thing has been bugging you to take action for as long as you can remember, it’s one of your passions. It’s part of who you are and it’s your unique gift that you’re supposed to be sharing with the world.

No matter how much we rationalize our inaction, the truth is that we keep this creative passion bound in a box because we’re afraid to set it free.

I’ve had a novel sitting in the back of my brain for who knows how long. I’ve carried it for so long and every year I carry it, it becomes even harder to bring to life.

My greatest fear is that because I’ve held onto it all this time, that it will never measure up to what I envisioned it could be.

To put it bluntly, I’m afraid it’ll suck.

I’ve spent so many years focusing on the outcome of what “might” happen, that I’ve completely forgotten about the sheer joy of just creating. The joy of the creative process.

What commonly happens to people in my shoes is that we not only don’t create our passion project, we stop creating completely!

This restriction of expression causes a negative ripple effect to our own creativity.

So how can we break this anti-creativity behavior?

We need to somehow kickstart our creativity.

Today I launched a new experience to do just that.

Today I launched my 30-Days of Creativity Challenge!

This challenge is specifically designed to re-awaken your creativity by doing a new creative challenge every day for 30 days. Challenges that cover all types of creative expression and media.

Sometimes, the best way to reignite your spark is to do something completely unexpected. Something to shock the system.

Each of these challenges does just that.


Breaking Creator’s Block

We’ve all had it.

Those days when you need to be writing (drawing, painting, crafting, etc.), but find yourself staring at a blinking cursor on a vast white screen before you.

What can you do about it?

One way is to just push through it and write anything until our muse decides to finally speak to us. It takes a lot of willpower and perseverance, but this can get you out of that rut.

There’s also another way to jumpstart a creative slump to break through the block. You can do something entirely different.

Stuck writing? Go outside and take photos.

Stuck drawing? Write in your journal.

Stuck painting? Create a page of doodles.

These are all great methods of shifting the focus from the outcome to the process.

The only downside to this method is that we tend to revert to something we already know or something that we know we’re good at (translation: easy).

The 30-Days of Creativity Challenge is designed to, well, challenge you every day with something you’d never even dream of doing.

It takes you out of your comfort zone with out-of-the-box daily challenges.

I guarantee that some of these will surprise and delight you.


Perfectionism Be Gone

The one rule of the 30-Days of Creativity Challenge is that you leave your perfectionism at the door.

This isn’t about outcomes, remember. It’s all about reacquainting yourself with the joy of the creative process.

It’s about being in the moment.

Part of the challenge is to post your results on the Reinventure Facebook page, which can be an intimidating endeavor. Being seen like that always is, but this is a safe space.

There are no judgments here and there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” creations.

The first hurdle of each challenge is doing them, the second is posting them. Both are out of your comfort zone actions and both will help you grow as a creator and human being.

By posting your daily results with the hashtag #30DaysofCreativity, you are allowing the Reinventure community to applaud your progress, as well as inspire them to do the same.


Behind the Scenes

Speaking of imperfection…

Creating this challenge was definitely a challenge for me, personally. I had planned on doing it at some point this year, but never committed to a date until last week (thanks to the prodding of Mike Goncalves at the Wellness Bucket).

I had come up with all the excuses of why now wasn’t the right time to do it, so I didn’t. You know the ones. They usually start with “I have no time” and cascade downward from there.

The truth is that I wanted it to be perfect before I ever launched it and, as we already know, that day would never have come. So, I chose to announce it publicly before I had anything in place.

Nothing like a public declaration to hold you accountable!

I had six days to get it ready and launch. Six. Days. During that time, I also had to work my full-time job, take care of my two children, AND deal with not one, but TWO family emergencies during that time. The Universe decided to make my challenge VERY challenging, indeed!

I could easily have quit and, I won’t lie, I thought about it, but, thankfully, I didn’t. Instead, I gave up all notions of the outcome being perfect and focused on just doing the work and enjoying the process. I squeezed it in during every free moment and you know what happened? I loved every exhaustive minute of it.

I was tired and stressed, but I was doing something that brought me joy and that’s all that mattered. And now it will, hopefully, bring joy to you, as well.

“No time”? Psssh! For all that I was juggling, I somehow found the time because I WANTED to and it was worth every stolen minute. Heck, I even found time to write this post!


What Are You Waiting For?

Well? What do you think?

Are you up for the challenge?

Are you ready to step out of your Creative comfort zone and do some fun things that you’d never think of doing?

Are you ready to jumpstart your Creative spark and feel the joy of the creative process?

Are you ready to get silly, have fun, and get your Creative juices flowing?

If you feel creatively stuck and are afraid to start your creative passion project, I urge you to give this challenge a shot.

Kickstart your creativity with these 30 days of challenges and your creative engine will be revving at full gear by the end of it.

If starting your creative passion project seemed like an insurmountable obstacle, it will become a flimsy paper wall after these 30 days.

If you complete the 30 days of creative challenges, nothing will be able to stop you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go Create Stuff!

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