crayonsWelcome to Reinventure!


Remember when you first opened up a new pack of crayons?

Remember the excitement of possibility?

You were greeted with a vast array of colors and they all had that perfect, pristine tip. Every one holding unlimited potential for what you could create together. The myriad of colors filling your mind with countless images waiting to come to life with the only dilemma being…

“What do I create first?”

What ever happened to all that creative joy and wonder?

Reinventure helps lost Creatives shatter limiting beliefs and rediscover the magic that can only be found by following your curiosity. Together, we will awaken your creativity and infuse joy and purpose back into your life!

Are you ready to give yourself permission to play and explore in wonder?

Are you ready to become a Creative Warrior?

Take the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge!

30 Days of Creative Challenges to help you break Creator’s Block, as well as the Fear and Resistance that is holding you back from your Creative Destiny!

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My Latest Musings…

Talk is Cheap – Time to Walk the Walk!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. (uh, oh…) My purpose for doing the Reinventure blog is to help other stifled Creatives muster up the courage to allow their creative allow be seen. I started it because I have been a closet...

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The #1 Obstacle Holding You Back

Every Creator deals with it on some level. Some are able to move forward despite it, but most of us become trapped behind it. Our path toward our creative goals is filled with all kinds of obstacles that we invent to prevent us from moving forward. To prevent us from...

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Embracing Ugly – The Art of Imperfect Action

Today's post was supposed to be this amazing video all about taking imperfect action. Unfortunately, I pretty much ignored a lot of my own advice and over-thought the whole thing, which ended up ruining it. To "fix" it, I decided to go completely ugly and created the...

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Willpower vs. Wantpower

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman These heroes live in the DC Comics Universe and everyone knows them. There is another, lesser known, hero (a corps of heroes, actually) that also resides in that universe. They are the Green Lanterns. The Green Lantern Corps are an...

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“If you’re alive, you’re a creative person.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert